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                      Video Section


                      Mark Mobius Opines About The India|trading Hour


                      Omkar Chemicals is trading with a hike of 8.55 points at the level of 213.70-6 Dec 2015


                      Omkar Speciality bags concrete indents worth Rs.100 CR


                      Multibaggers- 2 stocks that can give you over 50% returns - CNBC-TV18


                      Omkar Speciality can test Rs 180-200- Aashish Tater - CNBC-TV18


                      Interview of Mr. Pravin Herlekar with NDTV PROFIT- CMD, Omkar Speciality Chemicals ltd


                      Interview of Mr. Pravin Herlekar with CNBC TV 18- CMD, Omkar Speciality Chemicals Ltd


                      Interview of Pravin Herlekar - CMD, Omkar Speciality chemicals ltd with Zee Business