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                      Our History


                      • OSCL gets Star Export House status from Ministry of Commerce and Industry
                      • OSCL has acquired all the shares of LASA Laboratory Pvt.Ltd. & made it wholly owned subsidiary.


                      • Set up a Technology Centre for developing innovative processes and CRAMS activities.
                      • Company got listed with Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE).
                      • A successful Initial Public Offer whereby Company raised Rs. 7938 Lakhs.
                      • Got FDA approval for manufacturing Selenium Sulphide U.S.P. in Unit no. III.
                      • Received ISO-9001-2008 certification for our Unit no. - II in respect of quality management systems.
                      • OSCL has acquired all the shares of Desh Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. & made it wholly owned subsidiary.
                      • OSCL has acquired all the shares of Urdhwa Chemicals Company Pvt. Ltd. & made it wholly owned subsidiary.


                      • Converted into a Public Limited Company.
                      • Set up Unit no. III of the Company .
                      • Rishichem Research Limited became a subsidiary. The Company is engaged in manufacturing and R&D of speciality chemicals and pharma intermediaries.


                      • Commenced commercial production started at Unit no. II, with an installed capacity of 375 MTPA.
                      • Increased the total installed capacity upto 750 MTPA.


                      • Incorporated Omkar Speciality Chemicals Private Limited which took over entire business of Omkar Chemicals, a proprietary concern of Mr Pravin Herlekar. The installed capacity after takeover stood at 31 8 MT.
                      • Launch of organic intermediaries.


                      • Launch of Iodine Derivatives.


                      • Total installed capacity of 6 MTPA for manufacture of Molybdenum Derivatives.
                      • Mr. Pravin S. Herlekar started a proprietary concern in name of Omkar Chemicals.

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